The Lighthouse Conversations

You can’t be noticed unless there is sincerity in your work.” Fashion designer Yasmine Yeya on being inspired by Egypt’s beauty, landing Jennifer Lopez as a customer, and debunking the overnight success myth

Hashem Montasser
Nov 18, 2020
1 min read

How do you go from working in advertising, to waking up with a gazillion Instagram notifications of J.LO wearing your mustard yellow couture gown to her movie premiere? In this week’s episode, Hashem sits with fellow Egyptian, designer Yasmine Yeya, to discuss what entrepreneurship means to her…and their mutual love of Egyptian fattah! Yasmine shares stories from her beginnings; how she launched the now well respected Maison Yeya, and her transition from emerging designer, to a couturier whose opinions are so sought out by her clients that she acts as part designer, part friend & therapist to help them through the finish line and fulfill their wedding gown dreams.


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