Tales of the Trade

Goumbook: Tatiana Antonelli

Season 4 x Episode 5

Chirag Desai
Nov 25, 2020
1 min read

Goumbook was the UAE's earliest social entreprise helping promote sustainable practices since 2010. So pull up a chair & join our conversation with Tatiana Antonelli, founder of Goumbook, and how she is facilitating her business into the new world order and why 2020 could become a remarkable opportunity for entrepreneurs to step up.

There's also a short bonus episode where Tatiana shares her thoughts about the impact of sanitization and re-emergence of single-use plastic in light of the various guidelines put in place around the world:

We'll be back with a new season in 2021. See you then!

Hosted & Produced by Chirag Desai.
With support from Pooja Sagar, Abhishek Venkatasubramanian & Zainab Ujjaini.
Original Music by Reiner Erlings.

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