Sometimes there is no solution – Omar Samra

Sometimes there is no solution – Omar Samra

We are launching Season 4 with a special series from newsmakers and shakers from Egypt! And then get ready we have an NFT edition, a Dubai edition and SO MUCH MORE.

On today’s episode I’m joined by Omar Samra. He’s such an amazing personality—both an entrepreneur and as someone who has scaled amazing mountains and peaks in his life. He is the first Egyptian to climb Mount Everest, also is one of 40 known people to accomplish the "Explorers Grand Slam" challenge, which include climbing the highest mountain on every continent, the 7 summits, and skiing to both the South and North Poles.

Last year saw the release of “beyond the raging sea”, a documentary which chronicles the maritime challenges he undertook to highlight the plight of refugees crossing dangerous waters. He was in Egypt a few weeks ago and I had a chance to reconnect with him.



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