Today we are joined by Dr. Russell Kennedy to explain what anxiety is, and how it recruits our brain and body to react in specific ways. And as always, we cover behavioral tools and steps that can assist and help you understand when the anxiety ‘alarm’ goes off and how to manage it by understanding it. He explains that all anxiety is some form of separation anxiety and we can heal.

Savvy Talk: Dr. Russell Kennedy
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About Dr. Russell Kennedy

Dr. Russell Kennedy is the author of the award winning, #1 Amazon bestselling book, Anxiety Rx. He is a neuroscientist and medical doctor who graduated from the University of Western Ontario. Dr. Kennedy has Master’s level training in Developmental Psychology from the Neufeld Institute and is a corporate speaker and a yoga and meditation teacher. Additionally, Dr. Kennedy, widely known as The Anxiety MD, has been a stand-up comedian since 2000, an attribute that most certainly sets him apart from other MDs and one might imagine enables him to have a highly adored bedside manner.

Dr. Kennedy suffered from severe anxiety as a child which prompted him to pursue a career in medicine that would enable him to help others avoid a life of pain. Today he has developed a variety of courses and programs that help individuals gain answers that ultimately allow them to live a more balanced life, free from chronic worry and debilitating anxiety


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