Joining me today is Mona Mirza, Founder CEO of Biolite Aesthetic Clinic. Having worked in the beauty industry since the age of 18 in London UK, Mona’s experience spans over 30 years. She began her career as a cosmetologist & at the start of the beauty laser revolution in the 90’s was one of the very first licensed laser & IPL supervisors / practitioners in the UK, fondly known as the IPL queen by her clients. Her love for treating skin began as a personal journey which culminated into a passion to heal & treat problematic skin using a vast array of technology and a deep respect for one’s skin.

Savvy Talk: Mona Mirza
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This is part of our special series in partnership with du Business called Inspiring Growth, to celebrate entrepreneurship and highlight business success. We feature eight successful entrepreneurs and innovators who shared their personal stories to help others learn valuable lessons. Throughout the show, we will focus on growth, exploring the path of how they turned their dreams into reality.

We hope this proves to be both inspirational and valuable for those who are facing their own personal and business challenges, as always du Business is your partner to enable business and personal growth.

You can follow Mona on Instagram, and find out about BioLite on Instagram and their website


0:00 Intro

1:04 Ramadan routine

1:33 Background story

2:40 When did you know you wanted to become an entrepreneur?

3:55 Recalibrating life to find my purpose

5:07 Building Biolite Aesthetic Clinic

7:48 Having a clear vision

8:48 Feeling successful

10:30 Know your strengths, know your weaknesses

10:53 How to keep building your reputation?

11:51 Leadership is about communication and how people are feeling

13:50 Advice for young entrepreneurs - Work ethic

15:04 Outro

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