Goumbook is launching a new podcast bringing weekly conversations with leaders and professionals who, through their work, entrepreneurship and commitment, promote positive impact and sustainability in the UAE and beyond.

For immediate release:

  • Sustainability and green practices are globally in vogue. While awareness is increasing and measures are being taken, there is still much to do.
  • Goumbook has been a leader in this field for the last 10 years and through the podcast, hopes to shine a light on local individuals and companies that are at the forefront of innovation in sustainability and their impact on a larger scale.
  • Each 20 min talk is one piece of the larger sustainable puzzle, encouraging listeners to follow suit with a first step or to deepen their practice.

Dubai, UAE. 16.04.2019 — Sustainability is very much in the limelight nowadays: individuals pay attention to their responsibilities and opportunities, companies devote entire departments to positive impact, and countries commit to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Yet, there is still a long way to go.

“Since launching Goumbook 10 years ago, I have witnessed incredible change towards sustainable development, and there are great players out there working hard to have a positive impact in the UAE and beyond,” says Tatiana Antonelli Abella, Founder and Managing Director at Goumbook. Goumbook is the leading social enterprise promoting sustainable living and green practices in the UAE and beyond since 2010.

To this end, Goumbook is pleased to announce Forward Talks, a podcast about ways in which we can move towards sustainability. On this platform, it invites change-makers, leaders & professionals to share the latest news about products, services, solutions and sustainable initiatives that are specifically relevant and available in this region. Together they analyse the local and global impact of their practices as well as the sustainability challenges they face. They discuss aspects of operating from the UAE, a young country relatively speaking, but one which enjoys a leading position as a global hub for businesses and is home to a massive working expatriate community.

Each weekly 20-minute talk is a small but key piece of the larger sustainability puzzle. In its opening run, Forward Talks will feature guests such as Stephanie Schachtschabel from Globally Connected Companies, which helps companies make a positive impact on the world; Kamelia Zaal from Kamelia Landscape Design, specialised in contemporary outdoor spaces for commercial and residential clients; Alex Malouf from Procter & Gamble, implementing high impact sustainability campaigns, and Ayla Bajwa from Ampuz, focusing on data for good. New episodes will air on Tuesdays and will continue to cover topics from consumption to education, micro finance to industry and from roadblocks to solutions. The show is produced by Amaeya Media and you can subscribe to the show for free in Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or your favourite podcast player.

About Goumbook

Goumbook aims for high impact change in its community. Its goal is to guide, inspire and empower businesses and individuals on their path towards greener and sustainable practices. For information please visit: www.goumbook.com. For enquiries, please contact: info@goumbook.com

About Amaeya Creative

Amaeya Creative is the branded-podcasts arm of Amaeya Media, the UAE’s first & independent podcast network. It works closely with companies and brands to conceptualize & develop impactful audio shows. The Network currently features numerous chart-topping shows on categories such as entrepreneurship & business, technology, arts, society & culture, and more. For more information, please contact: press@amaeya.media

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