Amaeya Media launches a new podcast bringing weekly conversations with different members of the community who, while leading regular lives, are involved in charitable initiatives.  Through discussion, we learn what drives these busy individuals to seek out philanthropic work.

For immediate release:

  • CSR initiatives are generally seen as something corporations are forced to do, and in turn, urge their employees to commit once a year with limited results.
  • Through the podcast, we hope to draw attention to the amazing and philanthropic endeavors that members of our community are passionate about.
  • Each episode will serve towards a larger message of how each of us can use our platforms and presence to make a difference.

Dubai, UAE. 22.04.2019 — Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are often looked upon as something both corporations are forced to, and in turn force their employees to ‘commit’ once a year, with limited results. So what can we as individuals do, with our personal platforms, to make a difference?

To this end, Amaeya Media is pleased to announce the launch of CSR of One, a new podcast aimed at inspiring people and communities to think beyond their own platforms and share on behalf of others. The show will be hosted by author & blogger Courtney Brandt.

Each episode will feature people who are making strides outside their chosen careers through social & charitable initiatives around the world. From an award-winning chef setting up a school in Zanzibar to an accomplished diver removing plastic from Dubai’s waters, these individuals are setting examples in their own lives and using their platforms to mobilize their communities.

As social media grows increasingly toxic, we would like to help draw attention to these amazing and philanthropic endeavors and hope to inspire our listeners to share more within their own platforms.
--Courtney Brandt, host, CSR of One

Season 1 of CSR of One launches April 22 with new episodes every Monday. Listeners can subscribe for free on all major platforms, including players such as Apple Podcasts & Google Podcasts, as well as streaming apps like Spotify & Anghami.

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