How can advertisers navigate recent changes in the podcast landscape?

by Amaeya Media › 1 min read 27 June 2021

Our CEO Chirag Desai shares his thoughts on the pitfalls with advertising vis-à-vis the recent subscription offerings in this opinion piece for Communicate:

This is one of the dilemmas I've been pondering over the last few weeks as we've been working on our own community offering and exploring Apple's offering within it (Spotify's is US-only for now). Why are we encouraging creators to treat content with ads as less-than-premium, especially when as podcasters, we try so hard to get products we love to work with us, and craft engaging audio messages that we hope resonates with our listeners? What's worse, we're now starting out with the assumption that advertising is a net-worse experience rather than a potentially better one.
How Can Advertisers Navigate The Recent Changes In The Podcast Landscape?
By Chirag Desai, CEO of Amaeya Media


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