Nabil Ismail

Dubai, UAE Website

Managing Partner, Private Equity Team at Gulf Capital, and co-host, The GC Call.

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Constituting the Board, with Nick Ogden

We’re joined today by Nick Ogden to discuss corporate governance, specifically the role of the Board of Directors. Nick is a serial entrepreneur, having founded WorldPay back in 1995 as the first internet payment service to guarantee worldwide payments; since then he founded ClearBank in 2014, RTGS Global in...

Legal due diligence, with Fraser Dawson

Following up on our episode about financial due diligence, Fraser Dawson joins us today to talk about all things legal due diligence. Fraser is a Partner at Addelshaw Goddard, and has covered a broad range of M&A and other corporate transactions in both Europe and the Middle East. He’...

Nabil Ismail
Alvaro Abella

Financial due diligence, with Norma Taki

Norma Taki joins us on the show today to talk about the importance of financial due diligence (FDD). Norma looks after Transaction Services at PwC, specializing in FDD and business valuations. We also explore the importance of Vendor Due Diligence (VDD) during the fundraising process. The GC Call: Financial due...

Alvaro Abella
Nabil Ismail

Negotiating deals during tough times, with Christopher Rose

Christopher Rose joins us on the show today to talk about what the capital market looks like over the next 12-18 months, and what is needed to negotiate in these changed circumstances. Chris is a partner in the Corporate, M&A and Private Equity practices at Dentons, one of the...

Nabil Ismail
Alvaro Abella

The dos and don’ts of investing, with Ankur Shah

We’re kicking off our first episode with Ankur Shah, now ex-CFO of two large enterprises including Careem. Careem was the largest venture-backed exit in our region, fully acquired by Uber for US$3.1 billion. In Part I of this conversation, we get into some of his insights on...

Alvaro Abella
Nabil Ismail

Introducing: The GC Call

On The GC Call, you’ll hear from regional investors, entrepreneurs & management, as well as advisors who participate in the overall process. This season, we’ll start off with talking about making the deal happen, the outlook for private and public companies over the next 12-18 months and dig into...

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