We’re joined today by Tanzeed Alam, MD at Earth Matters, to talk about the outcomes of COP28 in the UAE, and look ahead to COP29 in Azerbaijan.

Tanzeed is the MD of Earth Matters, with extensive experience consulting with private sector and government on climate action. He also took on a special role last year as an advisor at the private office of Her Excellency Razan Al Mubarak, the UN High-Level Climate Champion for COP28.

Tanzeed is also our first returning guest, you can listen to his previous episode about our impact on nature and what we could learn from the pandemic here.

Forward Talks: Tanzeed Alam
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We also have a bonus episode, where Tanzeed shares his experience with the youth at COP28, and our thoughts on how to involve and educate the next generation to be more involved in climate action.

Forward Talks: Bonus, with Tanzeed Alam
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This is the last episode of our special series, Climate Leaders – Rising up to COP28. We’re sharing inspiring stories of sustainability leaders and climate champions, driving impact from our region to the world.

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