This week saw the loss of the genius designer Karl Largerfield who designed for Chanel, Fendi and of course his own label. Whilst he had his flaws, there was no mistaking his talent to create pieces which were adored and bought by many around the world (including myself). In honour of his legacy, I thought it would be apt to talk about how to look after our designer items.

DeCluttr Me: Designer clothes
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A few of us have been fortunate to be able to buy or receive designer clothes, shoes or accessories over the years. Whilst we appreciate the quality, craftsmanship and work that is involved in creating these items of clothing often, I find whilst working with clients, that the items are not looked after to ensure they retain their luxurious finish for many years (this can also apply for your high street items as well).

On this week's episode, Chirag and I discuss:

  • The best way to wash your clothes
  • The best hangers to use for your clothes
  • Looking after your leather items including your bags and shoes
  • Looking after your handbags (this may be my favourite topic)
  • Protecting the shape of your shoes
  • What items you should fold and how to fold
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