Since mobile phones came out, we've been accumulating them, storing them in our drawers and not discarding them or circulating them within our family. Circulating the phone with family members is great as you are recycling the phone, but most of us store them and forget about them. I have found between 20-30 phones whilst decluttering a bedroom, study, etc, with clients. If you went around your home now, how many do you think you would find?

DeCluttr Me: Mobile phones (and other devices)
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The company that I refer to in the podcast who can destroy your phones safely is Enviroserve. Unfortunately, they do not have a facility for individuals currently, but if you would like to declutter your phones and other electronic devices safely, then please get in touch with us and we will organise for their pickup and destruction. Chirag mentions that cool way that Apple recycles the components in their phone. Here is the video from Apple showing us how they disassemble and recycle the parts of the phone:

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