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Hashem Montasser

“The thrill of the chase has always been my thing.” Ayman Fakoussa on launching The Qode, balancing friendship with business, and why he can’t let go of Excel

Diving into the joy of Guatemalan retreats and the love of Microsoft Excel, Hashem sits with Ayman Fakoussa this week to have a wide-ranging conversation. Hashem and Ayman chat about his experience growing up in Saudi Arabia before eventually moving to Dubai and embarking on a multi-faceted career that culminated...

Maha Abouelenein

Show Don’t Tell, Feel Don’t Listen, with Lynn Al Khatib

Welcome to Season 7 of Savvy Talk, I am excited to bring you leading voices from those shaping Dubai's cultural scene. Today we are joined by Lynn Al Khatib, Head of Communication at Chalhoub Group, the largest luxury retailer and distributor in the Middle East and North Africa....

Malak Fouad

Tarek Nour

Tarek Nour is credited with revolutionizing the advertising world in Egypt and is the founder of Tarek Nour Communications.

Amaeya Media

How can advertisers navigate recent changes in the podcast landscape?

Our CEO Chirag Desai shares his thoughts on the pitfalls with advertising vis-à-vis the recent subscription offerings in this opinion piece [] for Communicate: > This is one of the dilemmas I&...

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