Our first episode looks at Dubai’s first skyscraper -- Dubai World Trade Center. This 33-story building might seem tiny today compared to the more than 160-story Burj Khalifa and other super tall buildings. But, when DWTC opened in 1979, it was the tallest tower in the Middle East and it sent a signal to the rest of the world that Dubai was open for business. Spatika and Liz had a lot of questions about DWTC so they talked to some experts to find out the answers. Listen as architect and writer Todd Reisz, photographer Hind Mezaina, and DWTC’s first employee Guy Guillemard TELL US MORE.

Tell Us More!

Kids in Dubai, the next time you drive past DWTC, take some time to look at this building which was once the tallest in the Middle East. Tell us what you think, and if you don’t live in Dubai, tell us about your favorite building in your city. You or a grown up can write to us at tellmemore@amaeya.media or message us on Instagram.

Find Out More!

Todd Reisz’s book Showpiece City: How Architecture Made Dubai is available for purchase online and in Dubai bookshops. Also, sign up to receive Todd’s monthly Showpiece Dispatches for more information about DWTC and other architectural wonders of Dubai.

Hind Mezaina’s brilliant photographs of DWTC and her other favorite Dubai landmarks can be seen on her website. You can also listen to Hind’s podcast Tea with Culture to hear discussions about art and culture in the UAE.

Episode Credits

This episode of Tell Me More was brought to you by Amaeya Media. It was produced by Liz McEnaney, and hosted by Spatika and Liz. Chirag Desai is our amazing editor. Our fantastic music is composed by Daniel Belquer.

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