The show will focus on Dubai’s pioneers & the stories behind the ideas they brought to life. We’ve just launched a video teaser for the season, along with an ongoing behind-the-scenes series which covers the production of the show available in the feed.

The first episode of the new season will be published on September 25, with new episodes every second Tuesday.

Tales of the Trade is a new original show by the Amaeya Network. The first season will be produced by Gaya and hosted by Chirag Desai, founder of the Network. Original music for the show was composed by Reiner Erlings.

Links to subscribe and additional information can be found by visiting

About Amaeya FM

Amaeya FM is an independent Dubai-based podcast network focused on producing and curating great content in our region. Launched in 2017, the network’s own catalog boasts (4) original shows covering topics such as entrepreneurship & business, society & culture, technology and self-help & organization. For more information, please contact

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