In today's episode, I am sharing a conversation that I had with Andy Krainak during the Art D'Égypte 2022 Talks Series in Cairo. The theme of our talk was The Secrets of Building & Launching a Successful NFT/WEB3 Project.

Savvy Talk: Andy Krainak
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Andy Krainak serves as the President of VeeFriends. Andy is an experienced digital and brand strategist with a 8+ year work history in Personal Branding, Growth Marketing and Social Media Advertising and served Gary Vaynerchuk's personal brand team (Team GaryVee) before taking over at VeeFriends. We took the stage to tell the story of @veefriends, to share our experiences on the launching of a NFT Project and thoughts on the Web3 world. We also had an insightful Q&A with artists, entrepreneurs and the Web3 curious.

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