The National: Why more people than ever are creating audio content in the UAE

Amaeya Media
Nov 4, 2019
1 min read

Amaeya Media CEO Chirag Desai shares his thoughts about podcasting in the UAE & the larger region alongwith other local podcasters in this piece by The National.

It was only in September 2017 that Chirag Desai, founder and chief executive of Amaeya Media, launched the company with the podcasts, The Two Vegans and t3chtree. Two years later, Amaeya is the country's largest podcast network with 14 podcasts in its portfolio. Listenership has grown 20 per cent across all shows, which have been downloaded nearly 300,000 times in 135 countries. “I’d say that we’re currently in the ramp-up phase of the podcast wave, with the peak still a bit away,” says Desai.
‘Girl, we should start a podcast’: Why more people than ever are creating audio content in the UAE
There are now about 700,000 podcasts in the world, with 400 in the UAE - and counting


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