‘Tales of the Trade’ & ‘Savvy Talk’ in Startup Scene ME’s list of shows for entrepreneurs

by Amaeya Media › 1 min read 15 August 2020

Tales of the Trade & Savvy Talk were featured by Startup Scene ME as part of their '12 Podcasts every entrepeneur should tune into right now' series.

Tales of the Trade, which is a narrative show featuring the UAE's entrepreneurs is highlighted as a show that "delves into the human side of entrepreneurial success". Savvy Talk, which is hosted by Maha Abouelenein gets a listing for the trends highlighted on the episode as well as Maha's own experience working for the ecosystem's largest companies and platforms.

12 Podcasts By Arab Creators Every Entrepreneur Should Tune into Right Now
The art of storytelling is alive and well, and the podcast industry continues to lead the way. We’ve selected our top listens for entrepreneurs, ranging from inspiring industry insights to stories of spectacular startup failures...


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