Startup Scene: Malak Fouad looks at life’s pivotal moments

by Amaeya Media › 1 min read 10 June 2021

A few weeks ago, Yahia Dabbous spoke to Malak Fouad for a feature on What I Did Next, a podcast about life's pivot points for Startup Scene.

For Fouad, a career storyteller whether it be in journalism or as a company strategist, podcasting has therefore become a natural progression. The beauty of podcasting, she says, is its immediacy; "you’re connecting with someone else and having a discussion.”

As she brings to light stories of the Middle East that present a hopeful future for the region, she has been met with touching, enthusiastic responses from the diaspora. “I got a review from an Egyptian woman abroad who spoke of how happy she was to listen to What I Did Next, because it allowed her to reconnect with her country in a very positive way.”
What I Did Next: Malak Fouad Looks at Life’s Pivotal Moments
Seasoned storyteller, Malak Fouad, speaks to StartupScene about her philosophy and trajectory, two things she she channels in her podcast series, ‘What I did Next’.


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