Dubai, United Arab Emirates, May 12, 2020: Amaeya Media, the UAE’s largest podcast network, today announced the launch of a new branded podcast show created by Volkswagen Middle East. Titled The Journey, the new show features raw, unfiltered and captivating personal stories of UAE-based business owners with the aim of inspiring local communities, allowing and encouraging shared perspectives and truths.

Volkswagen’s social agency, Socialize, conceptualized and spearheaded the digital audio and video series that unravels behind-the-veil stories of entrepreneurs’ journeys to finding success in their fields. The project is part of Volkswagen’s wider ‘Entrepreneurs – The Driven’ strategy, where the brand supports the entrepreneur community across the region.

Volkswagen and Socialize partnered with Amaeya Media’s branded shows division to produce the full-length audio stories in the form of a podcast. The process involved post-production of the episodes including developing the scripts and narrative and publishing the podcast to their global audiences. The campaign is part of a three-phase approach that first saw the launch of social media teasers followed by the full video stories, and now the podcast.

The first season of The Journey features two powerhouse individuals, Aparna Verma and Paul Evans, who discuss their most vulnerable moments, how they broke free from wanting to give up and how they rebuilt their day-to-day lives. In his episode, Paul Evans, Founder of Solutions Leisure, talks through the journey of realizing his true purpose after being in a coma for 77 days, while Aparna Verma, Founder of Scholars International Group, discusses her climb to success through intense grief and her own adversities.

The full audio episodes of The Journey are now available on all leading podcast players including Apple Podcasts, Spotify as well as apps such as Deezer and Anghami. The video series is available on the Volkswagen Middle East YouTube channel.

About AMAEYA Media

Founded in 2017, AMAEYA Media is the UAE’s largest podcast network that aims to unlock the untapped potential of on-demand audio content for the Middle East. The network provides a platform for rich storytelling and discussions on a variety of topics ranging from arts & culture to entrepreneurship to philanthropy. It produces both original and branded shows under the banners of AMAEYA FM and AMAEYA Creative, respectively. The Network currently has 15 shows in its portfolio, including the chart-topping Tales of the Trade, the DeCluttr Me podcast and Forward Talks. AMAEYA Media has produced over 350 episodes with nearly 7,000 minutes of inspiring and thought-provoking content that has been downloaded in 131 countries to date.

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About Volkswagen

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand is present in more than 150 markets throughout the world and produces vehicles at over 50 locations in 14 countries. In 2019, Volkswagen delivered 6.2 million vehicles including bestselling models such as the Golf, Tiguan, Jetta or Passat. Currently, 195,878 people work for Volkswagen across the globe. The brand also has over 10,000 dealerships with 86,000 employees. Volkswagen is forging ahead consistently with the further development of automobile production. E-mobility, smart mobility and the digital transformation of the brand are the key strategic topics for the future.

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