Behind-the-Show with Courtney Brandt from CSR of One

It’s only befitting that we introduce you to Courtney Brandt, host CSR of One, which launched its third season this month. Through the BTS series, we aim to introduce our listeners to your favourite podcast host and perhaps unveil some interesting things about them you may not already know.

Courtney tells us about her favourite podcasts, her Netflix watch-list, and the name of her to-be-written memoir!

If you could rename your show to anything else, what would you choose for your podcast? Why?

Honestly, I'm really happy with the name, but we did talk about using 'Enough About Me' for the title. Unfortunately, it was already taken by another podcast! Instead, we try and use the phrase in our hashtags whenever we post about the show.

What's your current favourite podcast?

I'm loving both How Did This Get Made and Fake Doctors, Real Friends.

During our current COVID times, I only feel like listening to happy, humorous, or upbeat episodes. So, I've been a bit one track and not as open-minded as I probably should be. I need a bit of escapism, and both of these shows are reliable podcasts for humour.

What would your #1 advice be for someone who is looking to start a podcast?

Plan beyond the first season. Understand that going the distance with a set formula is going to be what pays off.

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