Natalie Choufani

Natalie Choufani

Dubai, UAE

Host, The Way We Live (archived)

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Conquering the North Pole, with Elham Al Qasim

The Way We Live: Elham Al Qasim 0:00  /0:00 1× On this episode, I talk with the inspiring Elham Al Qasim, the first Arab woman and first Emirati to ski to the North Pole. We talk about what lead her to taking on the challenge, and how she...

Styling Yourself, with Jane Taylor

How often do we find ourselves in the contrasting dilemma of having too much in our closets, and yet nothing to wear. On this episode I sit with Jane Taylor, a personal stylist who works at Wear That, which is a personalized subscription box service that customizes looks for your...

Balancing work, life & baking, with Layal Takieddine

On this episode I sat down with the incredibly talented Layal Takieddine, baker extraordinaire and the woman behind Gemini Bakes. Our conversation is jam-packed with so many amazing & actionable tips, foolproof recipes to try as well as how she went about building her personal brand online. Layal was gracious...

Letting go of clutter, with Shelina Jokhiya

Do you ever get that feeling when you walk into your home, or even towards your desk at the office and you feel overwhelmed by the a pile of clothes or papers or other keepsakes? You just don’t know where to begin, and with that also comes the guilt...

The Comedy Hustle, with Arzoo Malhotra

Public speaking is tough enough, but then to have the added pressure of trying to make people laugh is no easy feat. And when you cross that ability with the background of a data-scientist who researches agriculture & climate change, you get a guest who packs a punch! Join our...

The Subconscious Mind & Energy Healing, with Dalia Halabi

With phrases like energy healing, chakras, theta and reiki becoming a lot more mainstream today, I’m excited to be speaking to Dalia Halabi for our premiere episode. She’s a licensed energy healer practicing various modalities as well as yoga. Dalia helps explain the various modalities and why they...

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