Heetal Bhatia

Heetal Bhatia

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Veganuary & Vegan Psychology

The Two Vegans catch up over Veganuary, thoughts after attending a vegan psychology seminar, and reminisce about their own vegan journeys. Also available on video: Vimeo • YouTube...

Freedom Pizza

We chat about Freedom Pizza changing their vegan cheese earlier this year, on the heels of Chirag’s interview with Ian Ohan, the company’s Founder & CEO. Turns out, Ian had an interesting announcement to share about their vegan lineup. Chirag was interviewing Ian for an episode regarding their...

Vegan or not vegan?

Did you know some things you may have always thought to be vegetarian or vegan are really not? The vegans share some things they found out, or were surprised about themselves, such as fruit juices, sugar and—you might want to sit down for this—alcohol. The Two Vegans: Vegan...

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