We’re joined on the episode by Allyson Anderson Book, Chief Sustainability Officer at Baker Hughes. Baker Hughes develops and deploys advanced technologies to serve energy and industrial companies looking for more efficient, more reliable and cleaner solutions. They operate in 120 countries worldwide and their diverse portfolio of technologies and solutions are transforming how industry works today and in the future.  

Forward Talks: Allyson Anderson Book
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This episode is brought to you in partnership with Mastercard. Join the #PricelessPlanetCoalition movement with Mastercard to help restore 100 million trees around the world by 2025.

As Baker Hughes Chief Sustainability Officer, Allyson oversees the company’s energy-transition strategy. We talk about the elephant in the room—fossil fuels and the climate crisis—and the pathways to accelerate the energy transition and achieve net-zero.

This episode is part of our special series, Climate Leaders - Rising up to COP28. We’re sharing inspiring stories of sustainability leaders and climate champions, driving impact from our region to the world.

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