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Liz McEnaney

Sindbad’s Wonderland

As summer approaches in Dubai, all we can think about is staying indoors and having fun. So, during this episode we look at Sindbad’s Wonderland -- an indoor arcade paradise at Al Ghurair Centre for Dubai kids in the 1980s and 1990s. Spatika and Liz never had the chance...

Amaeya Media

Aparna Verma

The Journey: Aparna Verma 0:00  /0:00 1× Adversity defines us as people. When the chips are down, when it’s time to really dig deep, what motivates you? On this episode of The Journey, we’re talking to Aparna Verma to discuss her climb to success, despite having...

Amaeya Media

Paul Evans

The Journey: Paul Evans 0:00  /0:00 1× Sometimes you need to see the dead end to pave a new path. But how easy is it for you to set aside the past and carry on? Not just pull yourself back up and resume, but truly forgive yourself and...

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