This week we have the wonderful Dr Natalia Spierings as our guest to talk about decluttering your skincare. Dr Spierings, is a Consultant Dermatologist based in the UK and UAE and has been my face saviour for a while now. During one of our consultations, we discussed skincare and how a lot of it was not worth having in your home, so I thought it would be wonderful to have her on the podcast to share her thoughts with you.

As an added bonus we got to record at our clients' house and check out her make-up and skin care room. We also took some of the products from that room to discuss them in the podcast!

Press play to listen to this new podcast and let me know what you think? Did you have a heart attack hearing about which products you should declutter now or glad you can start saving money? Let us know!

Special thank you so much to Dr Natalia for being part of this fun episode and Nasrah for opening her house and closet to us.

Thanks as always for listening to the Decluttr Me podcast.


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