Hoarding, with Jasmine Sleigh

This week I wanted to delve into hoarding. Hoarding is a big issue here in the Middle East especially with the older generation, but they are wary to have someone come in and help them declutter. The younger generation are getting very frustrated, but they are limited by what they can do to help them. I have seen a few potential clients who I think have hoarding tendencies but have not helped them eventually due to their reservations of having someone come in and help. I thought it would be great to discuss hoarding and what it actually means, how to identify if you or someone is a hoarding and also how a Professional Organiser help clients to declutter and organise.

As I am not an expert on hoarding, I have asked the lovely Jasmine Sleigh, of Change your Space to join our podcast today. Jasmine has been helping her clients in Exmouth, Devon since 2013 and is the go-to hoarding expert in South West England.

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