DeCluttr Me: How men declutter, with Tilo Flache

Today we will be discussing something that is close to my heart: men … and their clutter. A large majority of men whom I interact with in this region tend to be averse to decluttering and organizing, or they believe that’s what they maid or wife should be doing. I wanted to delve into this adverseness and thought who better to talk to but a man!

Tilo Flache of Cluttermeister is a professional organizer based in Brighton, UK and also a two-book author. He has written Promise Broken. Moving On and Clutter Tides (which you can find on Amazon). He has been a decluttering coach for a few years and we both met at one of the APDO Conferences a few years ago and hit it off! I thought it would be marvellous to have him on to get a male perspective on decluttering and organizing.

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