Chirag Desai

Chirag Desai is the founder & CEO of the Amaeya Media Network, the UAE's first independent podcast company which has grown into one of the  largest podcast network's in the Middle East & North Africa. He hosts a number of shows on the Network where he talks about entrepreneurship, business, self-help and his adoption of a vegan lifestyle. Chirag also serves as Creative head of the Network's branded podcasts arm.

Chirag is a long-term believer in the power of audio and turned his single passion show into a full-fledged podcast network in 2017. Today, Amaeya Media has launched 20 shows, including owned and branded content and he has been involved in the production and editing of over  11,000 minutes of audio content.

Chirag is also an active member of the regional podcasting community and founding members of the first-ever regional industry event, The Middle East Podcast Forum. Chirag is also the author of annual State of Industry Reports published by the company and one of earliest members of The Podcast Academy, including service as a blue ribbon panel of judges for the first edition of The Ambies in 2021.

Before venturing into the podcasting world, Chirag helped business build, manage & audit their technology needs for over 12 years and was a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA).

You can connect with Chirag over Twitter, and follow him on Podchaser.

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