Earlier today, we unveiled a new brand identity for Amaeya Media—a new logo, brand colours and a better-defined focus on our purpose. In addition to sharing the new identity, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the journey so far.

Our journey

Since our launch in 2017, the Amaeya Media Network has achieved a few milestones. We are now the largest podcast network in the UAE, and one of the largest in the Middle East. And that goes beyond just the number of shows--not only were we the first network of shows to be born in the UAE, we were also the first in our region to initiate an entire portfolio of branded shows that drive conversations and help build long-term engagement for our partners. Our first branded show has now crossed 100 episodes--kudos to Shelina & the DeCluttr Me team.

We’ve continued to diversify the categories and topics we cover while maintaining the same values we had when we started–to create the best communication channel between our hosts and their audience, to preserve the integrity of the story and continue to produce well-researched content. Our shows continue to share untold stories and drive compelling conversations that are of the region, from the region but for the world at large.

Turns out, we're also among the first podcast networks to publish a truly diverse range of content that is received by multiple communities--local, expat, international. We already cover categories such as arts & culture, entrepreneurship, society, social responsibility & more. And we've published over 8,000 minutes of audio across 400 episodes. We also helped launch the region's first multimedia campaign with a dedicated podcast component earlier this year.

Our brand identity

When we started, we articulated our purpose as unlocking the untapped potential of on-demand audio in the region, and beyond. We used a simple & clear typeface-based logo, and focused on working on identities for our shows with a simple chat bubble as a logomark to unify the shows under our portfolio.

We realised last year that our brand has since evolved significantly, and this identity did not accurately reflect us or our personality. What may have been a 'new entrant' brand when we started is a brand that is courageous in exploration, bold and honest. Our purpose-driven team works tirelessly to produce content that combines high-production quality with empathy & integrity, while we work within a self-funded business model with an eye on the long-term.


The last few weeks have been a strong reminder that there are so many stories, so many voices and so many topics that still need a platform to be heard, and we will continue our work to provide that platform. We are here to leave a mark in this big, beautiful world.

The brand

Our new brand colours move away from the corporate red to a warm orange gradient and a deep purple. The orange reflects creativity and warmth while the purple stands for luxury and that little bit of magic, blended together to create a fresh and vibrant look. The logo has also moved to a more straight-forward and approachable lowercase sans-serif typeface.

The team's favourite feature of the logo is the customised set of quotes. The open quotes are a baseline for everything we do--starting a conversation, whether with a brand partner, our hosts or our listeners. If you look closely, the custom quote also incorporates a production-slate or clapperboard.


The logo ends with the closing quotations that are a reflection of how we do it, with a microphone silhouette embedded to highlight the microphone we will continue to provide and, of course--podcasts. In between the open & close quotes is the story, the conversation, the voice and the emotion that Amaeya Media documents day-in and day-out through our platform.

Internally, this process has helped us define ourselves better, while creating a brand identity we're proud to share with you. Externally, this will go beyond just a fresh coat of paint in terms of how we communicate throughout our network. The one thing that hasn’t changed, of course, is the passion, commitment and dedication we have towards that original purpose, and to help people, companies and brands discover their voice.

And finally, a big thank you to our partners, our listeners and our team—with a special shoutout to Zainab Ahmed—for being a part of this journey. There’s a lot more to come.

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